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Long Beach Auto Detail offers a variety of auto detailing services. The next time your car is need of a good, detailed cleaning, let us make your car shine like new. No matter what kind of car you drive, we can provide the auto detailing your vehicle needs. From luxury cars to classic cars and everything in between, we take the time and care necessary to clean your car. We serve all detail needs, including the following: - Auto Detailing - Car Washes - Window Tinting - Paint-less Dent Removal - Headlight Restoration Bumper Repair

Nov 22

Generation Y or Millennials, as you may have heard them referred to, are known to Baby Boomers as lazy dreamers who don’t know what hard work is. Well I don’t know if that is true or not, however customer service and quality of many products has been on a steep decline since millennials have come of age. One recent study showed that among all the other lazy and stupid things we do (I am one too!) maintaining our vehicles is one of them.

In a recent study, 162 mechanic businesses were asked how millennials are at keeping their cars when it comes to cleanliness and maintenance and apparently the answer was really sucky. Here is a quote released by RepairPal the company that conducted the survey:
According to a survey released by the company RepairPal, young people may not care so much for their cars. At least not in many mechanics' estimations. The survey queried 162 auto repair shop owners about trends in their services and general awareness of their clientele. And, I guess unsurprisingly, millennials aren't the most attentive car owners.
One question asked which generation the mechanics thought were the least "car-care conscious." A whopping 48.67 percent of the respondents said "those between the ages of twenty and thirty-four," with the "sixteen to nineteen" crew trailing behind with 47.33 percent of the votes.
Do you agree with this? Are you a millennial? Are you a Baby Boomer who has an opinion on this? Let’s discuss it below.
In the meantime, come on in and have your car detailed inside and out, at least you can say you take care of your car somehow! Call to make an appointment!

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Despite the condition of the seats in my car (young children in the back and no seat covers) it came out as good as new. No stains, no dirt spots,...
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